Travelling Light by Suma Varughese
Soft cover
ISBN 978-81-216-1391-0
168 pages
Publisher: Life Positive Publications

About the author

Suma Varughese is the editor of Life Positive magazine, India's premier body-mind-spirit magazine.

A veteran journalist with 30 years of experience, she was formerly editor of the popular lifestyle magazine, Society. A seeker of the spirit, she is unmarried and lives in Mumbai with her mother, sister and cat.

About the Book

Travelling Light, Walking The Path of Letting Go is a compilation of Suma Varughese's columns from Life Positive magazine.

These articles have always enjoyed an enthusiastic fan following. Unpretentious, vulnerable and honest, they pierce the heart, even as her insights, wisdom and breadth of vision challenge, provoke and inspire.

She portrays the dilemma of a contemporary seeker, strapped in the harness of urban householder life, and yet striving relentlessly for liberation.

With the enthusiasm of an explorer, she lays bare for the reader her discoveries on the path; learning to take responsibility, right communication, acceptance, surrender, the art of praying, moving from trying to being, learning to love oneself, the secrets of healing and other aspects of self-transformation.

All those who seek to understand themselves or life will resonate with this book's gentle wisdom and penetrating clarity.


Dada JP Vaswani, spiritual head, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, in his Foreward to the book.

"Suma Varughese is an eloquent spokesperson of the heart."

Sri Samadarshini, Principal Director, Oneness Univercity.

"Her words tinged by personal experience touch the heart. Travelling Light is an honest account of a fellow traveller's travails and discoveries; passions and aspirations for herself and for all the world."

Dr. Aminuddin Khan, author of A Shift in the Wind and A Right Royal Bastard.

"The first thing I do when I get my copy of Life Positive is to check what Suma Varughese has to say. Her columns are readable, thought provoking and candid."

Swami Chidananda Saraswati, spiritual head, Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh.

 "Sumaji's baggage may be light, but her beautiful book is packed full of understanding insight, inspiration and true wisdom."

Robin Shukla, The Afternoon Despatch and Courier, 15 August 2009.

"In unbelievably simple language, Suma helps you plumb the depths of your thoughts and emotions and lets you heal yourself. Would love to tag a 'must buy' sticker to this one. Read it and pass it onto loved ones. Better still, buy copies for friends."

Society Magazine, August 2009.

 "With undying optimism and a belief that every opportunity in life serves growth, this book is a must-read for anyone who looks to understand life in a better way."

New Woman, August 2009.

"Holistic, honest and liberating, the book is a highly impactful, extremely absorbing eye-opener for every seeker who wants to unearth the purpose of his existence".



Table of Contents


God is indeed love
The moment is all
Mistaken identity
Nothing is ever lost
The art of experiencing
Beyond time
The weak and the strong
The path of action
Karma and grace
Necessary detours
On life and death
Journey to absolute happiness
Self to selflessness
The dark night of the soul
The relevance of irrelevance
The paradox of trying
Transcending judgments
Anchored in the moment
Enlightened relationships
Love yourself
The highest ethic
An unmixed blessing
Do the difficult thing
The alchemy of acceptance
One step at a time
Forward, not backward
The sinner and the saint
The spirit of surrender
Tamas, rajas and satva
Eternal joys
Heeding consequences
Setting priorities
Thank you, God
Present imperfect


Religion has its place
The balancing act of spirituality
Slow down and smell the coffee
For goodness’ sake
The successful life
‘Oh goodie, I just lost my job’
Moving towards true intimacy
The means is as important as the end
Love and entropy
Moving from head to heart
Truth and beauty
Martha and Mary
The road less travelled
Give and you will get
When intelligence awakens
The therapy of self-transcendence


The hidden power of shyness
New superstitions for old
The way of the Blue Throat
Spiritualize economics
A call for eco-spirituality
Growth and establishment
The shreya culture




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