You’ve heard rumors or maybe you’ve heard your friends talking about FIFA coins. Actually, this is one of the most discussed topics in the FIFA world ever since the FIFA 16 was launched. Is it legal, is it frowned upon? Well, EA doesn’t seem extremely happy about this but they don’t seem to take punitive measures either. So, I guess you can say it’s a shortcut that everyone knows about and we can categorize it as being somewhere around the limit.

So, why should you invest in FIFA coins? We put together the top 5 reasons that may convince you to enter the game and really play it.

#1: It takes too long to become the best

Gamers must work very hard to earn enough coins to get a player like Messi to represent their team. And when they do, they must ensure his salary and needs for the contract period. As the manager of a great football team, you know how much effort this takes.

Coins don’t come that easy and you must be involved in the game to earn them. You can earn coins by playing friendly and competitive games, winning tournaments, or by transferring valuable players to other teams. But, to get a good player, you have to train him/her first.

So, if you don’t have the time or the patience to do all that, you can skip a few steps and buy some coins.

#2: The offer is wide enough

Since there are many sites selling FIFA coins (see Fifacoinszone, one of the best sites), you won’t have to worry about prices going too high or the coins offer going low.  However, you must make sure to select only reliable suppliers. For instance, Fifacoinszone is the nr. 1 choice of buycheapcoinsfifa when it comes to reliability and security. They offer a wide range of coins available for FIFA 16 and FIFA 15 and you can use the quick buy option for fast transactions.

Sadly, there are many sites out there which are just looking to scam you. So, make sure to only buy from reliable sites.

money#3: You can earn some money

Sites like Fifacoinszone run affiliate programs that encourage users to promote their site in exchange for a cut of the profit. Don’t expect to earn impressive amounts of money, but you can earn enough to reinvest in your favorite game.


#4: You can trade some of your players for good money

FIFA coins can be earned by transferring some of your players or by selling them to another team. This can be done quite easily on a site like Fifacoinszone and the transaction is very quick. The method is called Player Auction and allows you to sell your players for great FIFA coins packs.

#5: It gives you the upper hand in the game

Buying FIFA coins is a good way to get the upper hand and move on into the game’s development. It’s also a great way to remove any frustrations towards the game and reduce your general level of stress. So, if you want a smooth gameplay, coins are the best way to do it.

Our list of 5 reasons to buy FIFA coins ends here but if you know any other good reasons, please don’t be shy and let us know in comments.

Top 5 reasons why buying FIFA coins is a good thing