How much water do you drink every day? Do you just drink water when you get thirsty or when you remember?  According to scientists, we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but this is only an average. The daily quantity of water we need to stay hydrated depends on our general level of activity, environmental temperature, and our general weight.

But why do we need to drink water? Well, first of all, our body is 60% water –the tissues and bodily fluids need water to fulfill their function. If we don’t drink enough water, then we become dehydrated and this affects our skin, organs, and general level of well-being. If the state of dehydration continues, things will turn for the worse.

However, let’s leave the dark area of dehydration and see the benefits of staying hydrated.

#1: Helps you stay in shape


What would happen if you would substitute all the sugary beverages you consume with water? Well, the first result will be a reduction in the number of calories you consume (water has 0 calories). As a result of that, you will lose weight and your general health state will improve – this is true especially if you consume many sugary drinks.

Also, food that contains lots of water (vegetables and fruits) occupies your stomach faster without the extra added calories.

#2: Boosts muscle performance

Did you notice that, when you’re thirsty during your workout, you feel completely depleted of energy? That’s because, without the correct amount of water, muscles can’t function properly. It is recommended to drink about 17 ounces of water for two hours before going to the gym. Also, you should drink water during exercises to replace the amount eliminated through sweat.

#3: Flush out those toxins

One of the main roles of water in our bodies is to flush out the toxins. These are eliminated through sweat and urine, but if the water intake is not enough, the body will overlook this function and keep most of it for more important activities.

#4: Great-looking skin

Do you know those people with baby-like skin? Well, their main secret isn’t the latest anti-wrinkles lotion or any exotic plant – it’s simpler than that. They drink a lot of water. The skin is a huge organ and sits right between our fragile interior and the rest of the world. It protects us from environmental factors (the sun, dust, and so on) but we also need to protect it. Drinking enough water to make sure it stays hydrated is one of the best ways to a fantastic-looking skin.

Even more, it helps get rid of nasty thinks like acne and black spots.

#5: Better health and general mood

Dehydration leads to headaches and migraines. Also, it weakens the immune system and generates a general bad health state. So, if you feel down and about to get sick, maybe you need a bit more water intake – actually that’s why soup and fluids are recommended during a cold.

Usually people who drink enough water don’t get headaches and don’t get sick as often.

Sadly, even though it’s extremely benefic, water is one of the less recognized substances on Earth!

Top 5 amazing benefits of drinking water