Do your parents nag you about playing video games too much? Does your spouse complain that you are ruining your health because of video games? Well, it’s time to ask them to chill! Scientific studies proved that video games actually bring health benefits.

Don’t you believe us? Well, let’s see how playing video games can improve your health.

Better hand-eye coordination

If you’re usually clumsy and everyone calls you butterfingers, it’s time to start working on developing your coordination. And what better way to do it, than with a great video game? The best motor skills boosters are the first-person shooter games where you have to have quick reactions and make quick decisions if you want to live. However, if you’re not that kind of game player, FIFA 16 is also an amazing game for coordination improvement and fast thinking under pressure.

Games help with stress and depression


Besides the fact that you can unleash all your rage at thousands of enemies, video games are also great at keeping you busy. When you’re depressed, the brain is usually going to the darkest possible places and creates unhappy thoughts. However, it was proved that video games and socializing with friends during a multi-player game are amazing at keeping you busy. This way, your brain won’t have time to create any other extra dark thoughts.

Even though some games seem violent, people tend to release their negative energy while playing. This reduces stress levels and leaves room for happy thoughts.

Improved senses and perception

Yes, it sounds like a SF movie, but it’s true. Even though you’re just playing, your brain works on the skills you need to level up. For instance, research shows that video games help improve the memory capacity, and the general cognitive functions. Thus, you’ll be more focused and you’ll perceive the surrounding world at a different level.

Specialists even consider using video games in alleviating diseases that affect the brain and the motor skills like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.

Games make us happy in our old age

We start our lives by learning through games and this is how we should end it. Research shows that people who play video games in their old age report an improved general state of wellbeing and they are happier. It is not clear yet why, but scientists believe that allowing the brain to work on something else and immersing into a new world, creates new neuronal connections that can improve our general state of mind and health.

Improved vision

Remember when mother used to say that TV will ruin your eyes? Well she may be right if you’re abusing your TV hours, but with today’s screens and video games you can actually improve your general vision.

First-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are great for this due to their fast unraveling action. You have to be very attentive to images and scenes so you won’t lose sight of the enemy. This focuses the muscles in the eye and thus, people who have problems with their vision, may perceive things in a sharper manner.

As you can see, all we knew about games and our health is completely false. Of course, abuse will lead to health problems so we have to keep everything in moderation.

Health benefits of playing video games