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I will be working with 2 or 3 participants during the session and while tapping for their issues, we will all tap along as a group borrowing benefits, collapsing our individual issues.

Before the session, write down 5 SPECIFIC events that you would like to be free emotionally. You do not have to share this if you do not wish to. While tapping for one person, everyone gets to clear their issues.


Who can participate?

Everyone; All you need to bring along is an openness and willingness to come, share and let go everything that no longer serves your purpose...


What do I have to do now?

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Borrowing Benefits


What is Borrowing Benefits - Gary Craig

It is a feature of EFT whereby members of an audience choose bothersome SPECIFIC EVENTS from their own pasts and obtain relief by tapping along with another person. That other person can be either on stage or on a video and can have an entirely different issue than the audience members. Nonetheless, the audience members use the same words and tap on the same points as the person on stage or on the video.

While this phenomenon is still in the experimental stage, it is believed that the audience members draw their own parallels from the on-stage personís issue and thus obtain similar relief as if they were tapping directly on their own issue.

Advantages of Borrowing Benefits

1. Entire audiences can achieve quality relief during one EFT session. There appears to be no limit to the audience size. It can be hundreds or thousands or millions. Care must be taken with large groups for the small percentage that are so emotionally frail that they should not attempt ANY healing procedure without the presence of a skilled professional.

2. If the session on stage or video is in-depth and of high quality, most audience members will benefit to a greater degree than doing EFT on themselves or with an inexperienced EFT practitioner.

3. Many audience members will experience relief in a relatively painless way because they are ostensibly tapping for someone else's issue out there instead of dwelling directly on their own difficult circumstances.

4. Many times the entire issue for an audience member is completely resolved. When there are pieces left over, a qualified EFT practitioner can finish it up with one-on-one sessions.

5. EFT practitioners can speed up complex cases by giving the clients videos to take home and practice Borrowing Benefits between sessions.

6. Some audience members may tune into otherwise buried emotional issues during Borrowing Benefits. When this happens a great deal of time is saved because it hastens the process of finding a core issue.

Disadvantages of Borrowing Benefits

1. In some cases Borrowing Benefits may not be as thorough as one-on-one sessions. The gap can be filled by a qualified EFT practitioner.

2. A small percentage of audience members may tune into some unexpected intensity and become uncomfortable. This is usually because THEY DIDN'T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and strayed from their SPECIFIC EVENT. In any event, it is appropriate to advise audience members of this possibility in advance and advise them to bring professional help where merited. If you are doing Borrowing Benefits before a live group, you should have experienced EFT-ers in the room to help just in case.

From Borrowing Benefits Series, by Gary Craig

For all the articles in the series, go to

Some Statistics


Borrowing Benefits Statistics from the May 27-30 workshop in Flagstaff, Arizona

Participants with 692 events

were recorded.(Results were

evaluated on a 0-10 intensity 98

scale (SUDs










 of SUD ratings





SUD rating in the

middle of the ratings,

half are above, half

are below.

Std Dev



Standard Deviation.

Measure of variability,

2/3 of ratings fall

within +/- one Std

Dev of the mean.





Measure of

probability of

difference in Before

and After rating

occurring by

chance. Typically,


accept .05 or

lower as










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