8 Reasons why you are tired all the time

If you feel like sleeping all day and you can’t wait to get back home and crash into bed, something is not right. It’s normal to feel drained of energy when you have a ton of things to do at work and at home, but if the state continues you should take a step back and ask yourself why.

To help you sort things out, we made a list of 8 things that may keep you in a vegetable state. Take a look below and let us know if this was helpful.

#1: The diet

When it comes to energy, the diet is usually the one to check first. Are you eating enough? Some days, when things go completely crazy, you even forget to eat or you just sneak a bite whenever you can. But keep in mind: our body needs proteins, healthy fats, and fibers to function properly so make sure your diet is well-balanced.

#2: Hydration

Next on the list is the amount of fluid you drink each day. Specialists recommend 8 glasses of water daily but this is just a guideline. According to your level of activity and stress your water income should be adjusted. If you feel extra tired try adding more fluids to your daily income and see if there are any results

#3: Not enough exercise

If you’re a couch potato then you need to start moving! Our body needs activity to produce a series of hormones and neurotransmitters that keep us energetic and happy. So don’t lose your time in front of the TV – go out and take a walk.

sugar#4: Too much sugar

Did you ever take candy (or something sweet) as a method to energize yourself? While this may work in the short-term, in the long term it leads to a crash. This means your blood sugar will fall and with it, your level of energy. To come out of this hole try to reduce the level of sugar in your diet.

#5: Too much stress

Stress is part of our lives but when it’s too much you have to learn to deal with it differently. If you can’t cut it out, learn to accept it.

#6: Heart disease

If nothing seems to work, get a medical exam – you might have a hidden heart problem.

#7 & #8: Lack of iron or B12

Both these elements are important for our level of energy. That’s why it’s recommended to take some analysis and check your level.

Is running good for your health?

Specialists recommend that we make at least 30 minutes of exercise every day during the working week. This sums up to about 150 minutes of exercise each week, but what type of exercise is best? Well, as long as it’s movement any type of exercise would count, but many specialists recommend running.

Why is running so special? First of all, it doesn’t require too much equipment and you don’t need planning to do it. You simply go out and start running – it’s as simple as that. You’ll only need comfortable clothes and shoes and you’re set. Even more, anyone can do it!

If this doesn’t convince you, take a look at the science in this area. According to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, even 5 to 10 minutes of moderated daily running can extend your life by a few years. So what do you say?

The benefits of running

Even though it’s so dead-simple, running has a wide range of mental and physical benefits. Below we’ll only mention the most important ones but we also challenge you to go out there and discover the rest.

running#1: It boosts your mood

Running (like any form of exercise by the way) helps to release endorphins which lead to a more relaxed and happy you. According to recent studies, even 30 minutes of treadmill walking can boost your mood so don’t be lazy!

The best part is that, if you do it long enough, running becomes addictive – and this is not a figure of speech. Studies show that runners and drug addicts share the same reward pathways in the brain. The only difference is that running is actually healthy and recommended.

#2: Better heart and circulation

Running is a cardio workout which trains the heart and makes the blood flow. So, if you want a more powerful heart, it’s time to hit the park. It doesn’t even have to be high-intensity running, the regular 30 minutes will suffice.

#3: Better mental functions

As we age, our brain starts to decline and you are slowly feeling that you are losing it. If you don’t want to end up in a home, stiff from all your joints, running is one of the best ways to do it. Actually, many people start running in their 50s and thank their lucky star for starting. Running keeps the brain well-irrigated and sharp, improving areas like attention, concentration, organization, and planning.

#4: Better knees and joints

Recent studies proved that there is no correlation between knee problems and running. Actually, running makes your knees stronger and adds bone density.

Top 5 reasons why buying FIFA coins is a good thing

You’ve heard rumors or maybe you’ve heard your friends talking about FIFA coins. Actually, this is one of the most discussed topics in the FIFA world ever since the FIFA 16 was launched. Is it legal, is it frowned upon? Well, EA doesn’t seem extremely happy about this but they don’t seem to take punitive measures either. So, I guess you can say it’s a shortcut that everyone knows about and we can categorize it as being somewhere around the limit.

So, why should you invest in FIFA coins? We put together the top 5 reasons that may convince you to enter the game and really play it.

#1: It takes too long to become the best

Gamers must work very hard to earn enough coins to get a player like Messi to represent their team. And when they do, they must ensure his salary and needs for the contract period. As the manager of a great football team, you know how much effort this takes.

Coins don’t come that easy and you must be involved in the game to earn them. You can earn coins by playing friendly and competitive games, winning tournaments, or by transferring valuable players to other teams. But, to get a good player, you have to train him/her first.

So, if you don’t have the time or the patience to do all that, you can skip a few steps and buy some coins.

#2: The offer is wide enough

Since there are many sites selling FIFA coins (see Fifacoinszone, one of the best sites), you won’t have to worry about prices going too high or the coins offer going low.  However, you must make sure to select only reliable suppliers. For instance, Fifacoinszone is the nr. 1 choice of buycheapcoinsfifa when it comes to reliability and security. They offer a wide range of coins available for FIFA 16 and FIFA 15 and you can use the quick buy option for fast transactions.

Sadly, there are many sites out there which are just looking to scam you. So, make sure to only buy from reliable sites.

money#3: You can earn some money

Sites like Fifacoinszone run affiliate programs that encourage users to promote their site in exchange for a cut of the profit. Don’t expect to earn impressive amounts of money, but you can earn enough to reinvest in your favorite game.


#4: You can trade some of your players for good money

FIFA coins can be earned by transferring some of your players or by selling them to another team. This can be done quite easily on a site like Fifacoinszone and the transaction is very quick. The method is called Player Auction and allows you to sell your players for great FIFA coins packs.

#5: It gives you the upper hand in the game

Buying FIFA coins is a good way to get the upper hand and move on into the game’s development. It’s also a great way to remove any frustrations towards the game and reduce your general level of stress. So, if you want a smooth gameplay, coins are the best way to do it.

Our list of 5 reasons to buy FIFA coins ends here but if you know any other good reasons, please don’t be shy and let us know in comments.

Health benefits of playing video games

Do your parents nag you about playing video games too much? Does your spouse complain that you are ruining your health because of video games? Well, it’s time to ask them to chill! Scientific studies proved that video games actually bring health benefits.

Don’t you believe us? Well, let’s see how playing video games can improve your health.

Better hand-eye coordination

If you’re usually clumsy and everyone calls you butterfingers, it’s time to start working on developing your coordination. And what better way to do it, than with a great video game? The best motor skills boosters are the first-person shooter games where you have to have quick reactions and make quick decisions if you want to live. However, if you’re not that kind of game player, FIFA 16 is also an amazing game for coordination improvement and fast thinking under pressure.

Games help with stress and depression


Besides the fact that you can unleash all your rage at thousands of enemies, video games are also great at keeping you busy. When you’re depressed, the brain is usually going to the darkest possible places and creates unhappy thoughts. However, it was proved that video games and socializing with friends during a multi-player game are amazing at keeping you busy. This way, your brain won’t have time to create any other extra dark thoughts.

Even though some games seem violent, people tend to release their negative energy while playing. This reduces stress levels and leaves room for happy thoughts.

Improved senses and perception

Yes, it sounds like a SF movie, but it’s true. Even though you’re just playing, your brain works on the skills you need to level up. For instance, research shows that video games help improve the memory capacity, and the general cognitive functions. Thus, you’ll be more focused and you’ll perceive the surrounding world at a different level.

Specialists even consider using video games in alleviating diseases that affect the brain and the motor skills like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.

Games make us happy in our old age

We start our lives by learning through games and this is how we should end it. Research shows that people who play video games in their old age report an improved general state of wellbeing and they are happier. It is not clear yet why, but scientists believe that allowing the brain to work on something else and immersing into a new world, creates new neuronal connections that can improve our general state of mind and health.

Improved vision

Remember when mother used to say that TV will ruin your eyes? Well she may be right if you’re abusing your TV hours, but with today’s screens and video games you can actually improve your general vision.

First-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are great for this due to their fast unraveling action. You have to be very attentive to images and scenes so you won’t lose sight of the enemy. This focuses the muscles in the eye and thus, people who have problems with their vision, may perceive things in a sharper manner.

As you can see, all we knew about games and our health is completely false. Of course, abuse will lead to health problems so we have to keep everything in moderation.

10,000 steps a day: A real challenge or a myth?

So, how much do you walk each day? Do you know how many steps you are taking moving around the house or walking towards the bus station/ parking lot? Most of us have no idea and let’s face it: who is that bored as to count the steps they are taking?

But you don’t need to count the steps yourself. In today’s world there are devices that will do the counting for you. And the best part is that you can choose from a wide range of products. Starting with the regular pedometer and ending with sophisticated software devices that connect with your phone and create graphs that show you how active you’ve been.

Regardless of the technology you choose, most of them will try to determine you to take at least 10,000 steps each day. Why? Well, first of all, walking is a moderate to intense form of exercise which is quite benefic for the body and general fitness. Even more, if you manage to walk the 10,000 recommended steps each day, you will cover about 5 miles each day which is pretty impressive.

walkingThe benefits of walking

While the science between the idea of 10,000 steps each day is not based on real studies, walking is recommended by all medical and health specialist. Let’s take a look and see why:

  • A boost in the daily calorie burn – if you’re looking to lose weight but don’t have the time to exercise, adding a few extra thousand steps to your daily routine will help. For example, an average middle age person weighing about 70Kg will burn around 400 extra calories with this challenge. The secret is to put your heart into it and pick up the pace – the 10,000 steps must be brisk, not a walk in the park.
  • Improves the general state of health – by walking more, you move more and this is equal to an improved state of health. Also, as you speed up the pace, you’ll speed up the blood flow and stimulate the elimination of toxins.
  • Muscle toning – there’s nothing better for your legs’ muscles than a brisk walk in the park!
  • Great for when in recovery – if you’ve suffered an injury from the regular sport your practice, walking is the best physical activity to consider. It’s moderate in intensity and keeps alert while you’re recovering.

How do I actually walk 10,000 steps?

The average American walks about 5,900 steps each day. So how do you add 4,000 more without completely messing up your daily schedule? Well, this is simple: find ways to walk more! Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Get off the bus or train a station before your regular one and walk the rest of the way. Of course, if you live nearby, it’s best to walk the entire distance. It may seem exhausting at first, but you’ll learn to love it.
  • Take the stairs – if you usually take the elevator (at home or at work) it’s best to change your habits. Try taking the stairs as often as possible – this will add an extra hundred steps to your usual number.
  • Don’t go shopping with your car – besides the fact that you will be more selective with what you buy (because of the weight), you’ll also get to walk more. Go to the local market and take a tour first.

Of course, there are more tips to consider, but these should get you moving. Once you start to feel better you’ll find you own ways to increase the number of steps each day.

Health risks of sitting too much: how office work actually affects us

Do you work in an office or from home? Does your job involve more sitting down than standing up? Then you might be in great danger!

sittingAccording to scientists, our body was not conceived for prolonged sitting. We are beings designed to move, climb, run, and all in all be active. That’s why long sitting hours have a devastating effect on our health. But let’s see what exactly we risk when we enjoy the couch at home or the comfortable chair at the office.

Organ damage

The first effect is inside and we don’t tend to see it before it’s too late and the health issues are already advanced. Here’s what it usually happens:

  • Heart diseases and circulatory problems – these are triggered by the fact that, when we sit, the blood flow is slowed down. Also, muscles burn less fat because the body knows it’s in a relaxed state.
  • Prolonged sitting may also be directly linked with diabetes – this happens because the pancreas is producing extra insulin. According to studies, our ability to respond to insulin is slowed down by just one day of excessive sitting.
  • The pancreas’s extra activity may lead to a variety of cancers (colon, breast, or endometrial). However, this was not proved yet, but according to certain studies, people who sit for longer periods of time are more likely to get a form of cancer.
  • The brain – the very engine of our life is affected when you are sitting down. Because the blood flow is slower, brain cells don’t get enough oxygen which leads to brain damage and, in time, diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer.

weightDigestion and weight problems

You have half an hour up to one hour for lunch during the week. Usually, you get out of the office, to a restaurant (where you sit on a chair), eat, and then return to work in another chair. If you’re using the car to get to the restaurant then you’ve completely eliminated the short walk that could save your life.

The reason behind the idea of a walk after lunch is to improve digestion. If you sit down immediately after eating, the digestion will be slowed down. This leads to cramps, bloating, heartburns, and other issues. Also, a slow digestion leads to weight gain and together, all these lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Problems with the posture

As stated in the beginning, we are designed to stand – the very biped position is about standing. So, when we sit in front of a computer, the natural tendency is to lean forward which leads to:

  • Strains to the cervical vertebrae
  • Neck strain
  • Sore shoulders
  • Deformed spine
  • Back problems – the unnatural sitting position makes the disks in your spine stay compressed most of the time. This leads to back rigidity and more often than not this translates into back pains and stiffness in movement.

Other issues

If you thought the problems stop here, you’re wrong! Sitting affects other parts of our bodies like:

  • Hips – the increased pressure we put on our hip area while sitting translates in stiffness, pain and sometimes numbness (the cervical nerves are affected).
  • Weak abdominal muscles – when you walk, the abdominal muscles are engaged and exercised. If you sit for too long, the muscles will slowly degenerate.
  • Problems with the legs – the constant sitting leads to varicose veins, swollen ankles, blood clots, weak circulation, and more. Also, legs follow the principle ‘use them of loose them’ – this means that muscles and bones will become weaker and this leads to various health problems as you get older.

Top 5 amazing benefits of drinking water

How much water do you drink every day? Do you just drink water when you get thirsty or when you remember?  According to scientists, we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but this is only an average. The daily quantity of water we need to stay hydrated depends on our general level of activity, environmental temperature, and our general weight.

But why do we need to drink water? Well, first of all, our body is 60% water –the tissues and bodily fluids need water to fulfill their function. If we don’t drink enough water, then we become dehydrated and this affects our skin, organs, and general level of well-being. If the state of dehydration continues, things will turn for the worse.

However, let’s leave the dark area of dehydration and see the benefits of staying hydrated.

#1: Helps you stay in shape


What would happen if you would substitute all the sugary beverages you consume with water? Well, the first result will be a reduction in the number of calories you consume (water has 0 calories). As a result of that, you will lose weight and your general health state will improve – this is true especially if you consume many sugary drinks.

Also, food that contains lots of water (vegetables and fruits) occupies your stomach faster without the extra added calories.

#2: Boosts muscle performance

Did you notice that, when you’re thirsty during your workout, you feel completely depleted of energy? That’s because, without the correct amount of water, muscles can’t function properly. It is recommended to drink about 17 ounces of water for two hours before going to the gym. Also, you should drink water during exercises to replace the amount eliminated through sweat.

#3: Flush out those toxins

One of the main roles of water in our bodies is to flush out the toxins. These are eliminated through sweat and urine, but if the water intake is not enough, the body will overlook this function and keep most of it for more important activities.

#4: Great-looking skin

Do you know those people with baby-like skin? Well, their main secret isn’t the latest anti-wrinkles lotion or any exotic plant – it’s simpler than that. They drink a lot of water. The skin is a huge organ and sits right between our fragile interior and the rest of the world. It protects us from environmental factors (the sun, dust, and so on) but we also need to protect it. Drinking enough water to make sure it stays hydrated is one of the best ways to a fantastic-looking skin.

Even more, it helps get rid of nasty thinks like acne and black spots.

#5: Better health and general mood

Dehydration leads to headaches and migraines. Also, it weakens the immune system and generates a general bad health state. So, if you feel down and about to get sick, maybe you need a bit more water intake – actually that’s why soup and fluids are recommended during a cold.

Usually people who drink enough water don’t get headaches and don’t get sick as often.

Sadly, even though it’s extremely benefic, water is one of the less recognized substances on Earth!

Health benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a practice based on the energies that move our body and lift our spirit. The poses it promotes are amazing for the body as they help you feel more relaxed and teach you to live in the now, with mindfulness and attention towards your body.

This may actually be the reason why Yoga is just catching on to us now. The Western practice was always more oriented towards practical results and the idea of prana or energy was not something we could easily accept. However, things are different now and we’re starting to open up so, let’s see which are the actual health benefits that yoga brings into our lives.

Great flexibility and balance

yogaYoga is great for increasing flexibility and improving your general balance. I believe you know that, as we grow old, our joints and limbs start to feel stiff and moving becomes a bit more difficult each year. Well, with a regular Yoga practice you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

Most poses are designed to make your joints stronger and more flexible and, in time, you’ll be able to practice unusual poses that don’t seem possible to the regular Joe.

Even more, Yoga is known to help you reduce the level of stress in your life. It’s a practice that focuses on the now and teaches you that you can find a few minutes every day to take care of yourself. Life goes on either way.

It boosts the immune system

It may seem unbelievable, but there are studies that show Yoga produces changes at a cellular level when it comes to immunity. The fact that you learn how to breathe better and the general circulation is increased, lead to a boost in general health.

The best part is that you will feel the difference in just a few weeks of regular practice. Yoga makes you feel better and brings harmony between our internal organs.

Quick tip: the best pose for a health boost is the Sun Salutation series.

Improved sleep and sexual performance

There are specific poses, but in general Yoga increases blood circulation in the genital area and strengthens the muscles in the pelvic floor.

The increased blood circulation and the general state of good in the body lead to a boost in sexual desire and general attraction. Also, because the practice teaches us to focus on breathing and forget about the rest of the world, people who have trouble sleeping will learn how to relax. This improves the general sleep quality.


How to stay healthy and fit

Many tend to believe that, to be fit, you have to change who you are. You need to keep a drastic diet or start working out like you never did before. Well, this is completely false. We are creatures of habit, and to stay healthy and fit, we need to create new habits. It’s the little things that we do every day that stick with us. So, we have to slowly implement elements that lead to a healthy lifestyle.  Let’s see the most important ones.

Include physical activity in your life

healthy_fit_sportsIf you’re more of a couch potato who never finds time for sports then it will be difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. It’s better to start with a half an hour daily and move on from there. This half an hour can be spent however you like (doing sports of course). You can choose to go to the gym, walk in the park, ride a bike, or take dance lessons. Everything that gets you up and moving is useful.

Specialists say it takes 21 days to form a habit so it’s crucial to stick with your program in the first month. Once the body is used to activity at a certain hour, it will ask for it. You’ll start to miss the movement and you’ll learn to enjoy it.

Watch what you eat

This applies both literally and figuratively! Don’t eat in front of a TV or your computer. You’ll get distracted and you won’t process the information the right way. Our brain needs 20 minutes to process hunger and if you finish your meal in 10, you’ll have 10 extra minutes to over eat.

Also, try to eat as many unprocessed foods as possible. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, natural oils and seeds are the best choice.

Get outside

Studies have shown that we actually love to be outside. Stress levels are reduced, we get more relaxed, and we enjoy being in nature. Yet, we have a nasty habit of staying inside and living our lives between several walls.

It’s time to take a walk in the park, go for a hike, or simply sit by the lake and admire Mother Nature. We live in a fantastic world and we choose to ignore it. And this in spite of the fact that bonding with plants and trees relaxes us and helps us create.

If you want a happy, healthy life you also need love, music, and a hobby that gets you out of work. We were not designed to work all day long and this is showing in our current state of health. In a nutshell, we need the simple things in life to stay healthy and fit.

Mental benefits of sports

We all know that saying, “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, right? Well this is the best way to sum up the benefits sports have over our brain. Regardless of the type of physical activity you practice, your mind will reap the benefits.

First of all, if you start a new activity, you will create new neuronal connections to learn it. If, on the other hand, you restart an activity you used to practice, you reactivate those connections. And, according to science, the more active connections, the better. But let’s take a more detailed look at how sports help us get smarter.

Increased self-confidence

confidenceYour body will change if you practice sports. You’ll be better shaped, your muscles will be toned, and your level of fat will decrease. This will get you closer to what is perceived as being the ideal body shape in our modern times. So, in not so many words, you’ll look better.

With the improved body aspect you will also get to be more focused, goal-oriented, and more determined. All these are traits that say you are an attractive individual and you’ll be accepted easier by other people. This will boost your confidence level sky high.

You’re in a better mood

Remember how good it feels immediately after a good run? Or how relaxed you are after a session of fitness? Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins which trigger relaxation and elevate the mood. It was also proved by scientific studies that physical activity helps in reducing stress and depression.

Even more, team sports provide you with a higher endorphin rush as it gives you the satisfaction of participating in a social event. It also improves your social skills and the way you connect with other people.

You can become a leader

You know how some people seem to be natural leaders? While there are indeed people who seem born for leading, you can develop these abilities through sports. The best to develop these traits are team sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, and others. You learn to adopt the team mindset and this will help you be more involved at work and in social situations.

Team sports are also great to reduce the level of anxiety. You learn your actions matter in a social group and it will be easier to create connections with your team mates.

As you can see, sports are extremely benefic for the mind so you shouldn’t ignore this aspect of your life.